Great 4 Ways To Decorate Using Pampas Grass

Pampas grass — also known by its scientific name, Cortaderia selloana — is the year’s newest (and most surprising) trend. Who knew we’d collectively fall in love with grass, of all things?

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These gorgeous waving wheat-toned grasses recall vintage gardens and pastoral pastures. Just one stalk perfectly complements modern decor: minimal white walls look all-the-more better with a stalk of pampas grass adding fluff and texture. Millennial pink, paired with this lush floral, feels like it could persevere another decade.

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Not convinced? These 11 images will have you running to your closest garden store in search of this stunning, budding botanical.

Hollywood Glamour

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Perhaps using this trend right is an already-known Australian trait. The Melbourne showroom of Scandinavian furniture brand Fred International pairs floaty pampas grass with old Hollywood glamour — and the effect is surprisingly stunning.

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This combination, as spotted by The Design Chaser, creates the perfect spot to sip your favorite ultra-glam Hollywood cocktails. Who could have guessed that pairing this wheat-like floral with a bold pattern, brass accents, and luxe velvet upholstery would create something so enchantingly sleek?

Seasonal Upgrade

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Creating a seasonal spread for your banquette helps each part of the year feel special — even if you live in coastal California, where seasons feel like a fiction invented by Northeasterners.

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Blogger Sand Dollar Lane created this stunning autumnal spread that still subdued enough to scream neither Halloween! or harvest. (Not that there’s anything wrong with some beautiful harvest-themed decor.) Mimic the look with white-painted pumpkins, vintage painted wire containers, and twine. And the pièce de résistance? Pampas grass, of course. Not only will it add height to your banquette tablescape, but it feels like waving wheat on an autumnal field.

Black-Wall Drama

(Source: Divineflowers)

Black walls are beautiful — and totally on trend. But pulling off such a dramatic shade requires a careful eye for color and contrast. The plant is a perfect addition if you’re aiming to create a mystic and moody escape.

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Divine Living Brisbane paired the combination with aged blue vases and lots of lush greenery to set the mood. Matched with black-painted shiplap, this dramatic effect may just steal the room.

Turn Your Bedroom Into a Retreat

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Your bedroom should be a safe space from the wild world outside. Every inch must feel intentional; every accent, carefully chosen. Once you’ve Feng-shui’d the space into zen-like state, adding some pampas grass could set your meditative room into nirvana.

(Source: Fashion-Landscape)

These cloud-like stalks will bring a smile to your face every morning. Set them beside your mirror, just like blogger Almost Makes Perfect, to make it feel like you’re getting dressed in a fluffy field.

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