Great 5 Ideas On How To Make Christmas Wall Decorations

Sprucing up your walls is probably the last thing that comes to mind when planning Christmas decorations for your home. However, these festive ideas will convince you to show your walls just a little more love this year. Hence, from garland draped across artwork to grouping wreaths in varied styles, you’ll want nothing more than to go all out with decking your walls for Christmas.

Making The Most Of Mirrors

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Another easy idea for holiday wall decorations is to angle mirrors so that they capture seasonal lights and colors. An example is a mirror in the photo above behind the Christmas tree. Because of the way it is placed, it actually captures the lights and colors from the Christmas tree itself. It’s basically a very creative cheat to make it look like the mirror is its own wall decoration, but it’s actually taking the colors from another element in the room. This is a good way to spread the seasonal colors about the room for easy design cohesion. Mirrors also really open up small spaces.


Using A Chalkboard Wall

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If you have a chalkboard wall in your home, that is a ripe area for holiday wall decorations. The photo above shows some Christmas-themed drawings on a chalkboard wall. The added seasonal lights and the wreath complete the look. As the photo shows, you can add your favorite seasonal sayings, draw trees and make a Christmas countdown. You can get as creative as you want with this idea.

Rustic Texture Holiday Wall Decorations

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The neat idea in the photo above makes the most of some simple tree branches. It’s great for rustic or country Christmas styles. You can easily make a triangular frame with long, thin sticks. Then use wood glue to glue the branches into the tree shape. You could also drill small holes in the sticks and hang them together using twine.

A display like this is also a great idea for using seasonal lights and small ornaments. A present under the tree and surrounding seasonal items round out the festive look. The oversized ornaments surrounding the stick tree are a wonderfully whimsical touch.

Seasonal Word Decals

(Source: Houzz)

Another idea for holiday wall decorations is to find some seasonal decal words and put them on the wall. The words in the photo above give off a cultured feel. You can get black ones which would fit with the most modern of Christmas decorations, or you can go for a more traditional red or green display. It’s a great option if you want to personalize your space, but you don’t have the time to get extremely crafty.

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