Great 5 Ikeas Hacks Idea Using Renter-Friendly Command Products

After seven years of renting, I am very familiar with the power of Command Strips. They’ve helped me install sunglasses racks, plant shelves, and gallery walls all without risking my security deposit. Now, what happens with you combine them with IKEA hacks? Perfect, renter-friendly solutions for all over your house.

Hang Your Light

(Source: Earnesthomeco)

Erin of House of Earnest wanted to hang her sconces on a chimney wall. So, to avoid drilling into it, she used Command hooks to hang the fixtures instead. (Also lead image above.)

(Source: Earnesthomeco)

These particular lights aren’t available anymore, but the idea is still a good one —just make sure their weight doesn’t exceed the lbs. limit of the product you use.

Livet Hemma Workspace

(Source: Livethemma)

I love seeing all the IKEA desktop and leg combos out there, like this one from the stylists at Livet Hemma. Speaking from experience though, the rubber bumpers between the legs and desk top aren’t enough to withstand a rambunctious puppy running around the office.

(Source: Livethemma)

I use two sets of Command velcro strips to keep my extra-long LINNMON top in place and a Command hook on the side of the drawers for headphones.

A Gorgeous Cake Stand

(Source: Cafejohnsonia)

Lindsey’s IKEA hack is personally my favorite. I’ve wanted a cake stand for awhile, but storing a one use item never made sense in our tiny apartments.

(Source: Cafejohnsonia)

Lindsey uses Command strips on her IKEA candlestick & plate for a budget-friendly cake stand that easily disassembles! She used standard Command strips for a temporary DIY, but if you still want an easy to store, more permanent version, go for velcro strips instead.

Monstera leaves Wall Decoration

(Source: Marthastewartweddings)

For all of you obsessed with Monstera leaves, and planning a wedding or helping someone plan a wedding, or just want some rad wall decor, this backdrop is big on impact but low on effort.

(Source: Pinterest)

Grab some SMYCKA leaves and adhere with Command strips for a beautiful, removable display your venue won’t have a problem with.

DIY Charging Station

(Source: Hometalk)

The FINTORP series gets new life as a charging station right off Maggie’s kitchen peninsula.

(Source: Hometalk)

The charging basket keeps your counter clean and large Command curtain hooks keep you from drilling into your cabinets.

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