Great Chalkboard Decoration Themed Bedroom Ideas

Chalkboard paint can add a unique twist to any room, not least of which is the bedroom. Since bedrooms are typically spaces that allow for imagination and creativity without disrupting the design of common areas, it makes sense to use the chalkboard to decorate bedrooms. That way, potential drawings are endless, and they’re not permanent. Read on to see some amazing ideas for using chalkboard paint in the bedroom.

Small Framed Chalkboard Over The Bed

(Source: Happinessculture)

If you want to infuse chalkboard to your bedroom, but don’t want to use too drastically as painting a whole wall with it. you can also use a framed chalkboard. A bright frame creates an attractive contrast.

It comes with a bonus too when using the chalkboard in small frames is that you can still create the styles you want within the frame. However, you don’t have to worry about chalk dust on the floor, which sometimes happens with larger designs. The use of a frame means you can have a tray to catch the dust.

Use Empty Frames

(Source: Marcrutenberghomes)

You can combine style too when decorating your bedroom with chalkboard style: Paint a wall with chalkboard paint and then cover the wall with empty frames. Within the frames, you can draw pictures or write favorite sayings. It’s a way to totally customize your own art as you go.

The key is to find frames that pop against the chalkboard. White frames like in the photo above stand out against the black chalkboard and match the white chalk. However, feel free to go for bright neon or pastel shades for an artistic look. You can also choose frames that match whatever color chalk you plan on using, even if it’s not white.

Paint It Black(And Draw With Chalkboard)!!!

(Source: Lovecominghome)

The common way to use the chalkboard to decorate bedrooms is to paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint. It acts as a black accent wall, a common design element for bedrooms.

The photo above shows how you can use chalkboard paint to create just about anything. Large chalkboards pair especially well with academic themes, like science; the design above makes great use of chemistry patterns. But the great thing about chalkboard paint is that you can also use multicolor chalk for more artistic designs.


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