Great Ideas To Make Over Your Bathroom

Do you get tired walking into your same old dab bathroom and want to change it. The bathroom is one of the important room in the house because it can affect your mood for the day. Just by simply changing lighting and paired it with a correct color, you can improve your mood. We’ve got several bathrooms decorating ideas for you that are cheap and simple to do.

Climb up towel!

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If you have an unused wooden ladder, you can repaint and recoat. Voila, you get yourself rack for your linen and towels, it’ll be a decorative item and have a function too. You can put your Prettiest linens on a display so your guest can see it.

Embrace the light

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You can always replace the outdated lighting fixtures with new ones from your favorite stores. Be original when upgrading lighting. Bathroom lighting trends include light bars and hanging pendant that diffuse light a room. Select LED lighting fixtures since they don’t heat your bathroom up.

Extra shelving

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When you have a small house or apartment. You need to conserve your space, so you need to be careful what and where to put your items. Extra shelving can make a big difference. Like this picture above, you can put several sanitary utensils and needs. By doing that you are going to maximize your space and beautifying your bathroom too.

Greenery equal relaxing

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We can put plants in every room of our house, so why not put one in your bathroom. in fact, there are lots of plants that do well in the bathroom than in other areas of your house because they need humidity. They can give a relaxing vibe and make your bathroom a lot of fresher.

Colorful tiles

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Blue is one of the traditional colors that used often in bathrooms and bedrooms, because of its tendency to evoke feelings of calmness and freshness. It also happens to be perfect for complementing breezy ocean views.

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