Guide On How To Hack Your Way Into Having A Window Seat As A Renters

Nothing speaks to my bookworm heart as much as a window seat, but, as a renter, I thought my dreams of a window seat would have to wait.

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Apparently, other renters felt the same. These clever folks DIY-ed their cozy nooks and now we can all have a reading haven!

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Note that most of the window seat DIYs out there aren’t “from scratch” but start with IKEA products as a base.

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I chalk this up to IKEA hacks not requiring a full workshop (that renters probably don’t have) and the flatpack pieces make it a breeze to haul up to an apartment.

Bookshelf Bench Ala Atelier De Curiosite

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Here’s a classic! By now the flipped cube bookshelf into a bench has been a staple hack. It’s not only easy to make, but has storage- a renter’s dream. atelier de curiosite doesn’t just stop there though.

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They used an IKEA LACK bookshelf as a front base and build out a back that opens for even more storage and lounging! This particular unit is no longer available but the KALLAX should do the trick just as well.

Wit & Delight Storage Plus A Window Seat

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This DIY bench from Wit & Delight is a storage dream that also integrates so beautifully into their existing living room decor.

(Source: Witanddelight)

She used SEKTION cabinets as a start, and worked up from there.

Corner Seat Dresser

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Molly uses two NORDLI dressers to take advantage of her corner window. These dressers are shorter than your average dresser.

(Source: Almostmakesperfect)

Making it just right for a storage seat. She also says the dressers comfortably support her and her husband’s weight. (Also lead image above.)

Blend In DIY Window Seat

(Source: Inbetweenarchitecture)

Fake the look of built-ins by matching your window seat top to your window frame like this one Inbetween Architecture. It will make your window seat look like it was always meant to be there.

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