Houseplants That You Can Grow Without Sunlight In Your Bathroom

Having plants in the house is definitely a luxury. Besides adding the freshness to the air, giving a sense of serenity, and becoming a green spot to treat your eyes, some houseplants can also have other benefits. Sometimes, you cannot decorate your garden or porch with houseplants because you don’t have enough space, or simply because it doesn’t go with the rest of your interior. But, there are some houseplants that thrive well in your dark bathroom. These plants require very little sunlight and can definitely be options for people who want to decorate their bathrooms with some greenery.

Lucky Bamboo

Photo Source: easternleaf

Lucky bamboo trees are very beautiful and scenic, so they can be the perfect houseplants to decorate your house with. Luckily, these plants need very little light to grow. You should even put it in the low and indirect light. Bamboos don’t even need soil to grow, just fill the container with pebbles and water. Then, every two to four weeks, you ought to change the water in the container.


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Begonia is one of the beautiful houseplants that you can grow easily in the bathroom. It grows well in many spots indoors. In fact, it is a must to put it inside in many climates during the winter to protect it from the harsh weather. The plants grow best if you use fluorescent lighting. If possible, keep it away from north-facing windows.

Chinese Evergreen

Photo Source: mashrita

The tropical Chinese evergreen is one of the toughest, most durable houseplants you can grow. It is easy to grow and can be placed in a low-light environment. In fact, the plants with green leaves and the white or yellow streak will thrive in low light or under indirect sunlight. The humid environment and the warm temperatures of the bathroom are also preferred by these plants. If necessary, you can also keep the plants somewhere else as it is flexible enough.

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