How To Achieve Good Fengshui Design On Your Main Entrance

The front door, or main door, of a house, is very important in feng shui. Hence, the house gets its Chi, or energy nourishment, through the front door. Therefore, the stronger, healthier, and more balanced the front door is. Hence, the better the quality of energy available in the house. Thus, adding strength to your front door can be as simple as ensuring a clear path to the door or repainting it a more auspicious color. As a general goal, your front door should be as inviting, welcoming, and attractive as possible.

A Well-Cared-For Front Door

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Show your front door some love. Make sure it opens widely and easily—without squeaking—and that it has attractive door hardware and relatively fresh paint. No odd-looking, unused fasteners, rusty doorknobs, weathered Christmas wreaths in June. If you display love and care for your front door, it will help you attract the same quality of energy into your home.

Open Flow of Energy

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Ensure an unobstructed, open flow of energy to the front door. This means there are no recycling bins, cracked old pots with dead plants, or any other items blocking the flow of feng shui energy to your front door. Any objects that make it hard for you or for visitors to get to the front door also hinder the flow of energy to the door. Keep the area clean, fresh, and flowing; this is always the best feng shui.

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Also, ensure a clear and flowing path to the front door. The most auspicious feng shui flow of energy to the front door is via a smooth and meandering path resembling water flow, rather than a geometric or sharply angled path.

Smooth Main Entry

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A strong feng shui front door opens up to a smooth flow of energy in the interior entryway, or foyer. Therefore, the efforts of attracting the best feng shui energy to your house will be wasted. If your main entry does not have good feng shui. You need to channel the good feng shui energy throughout your house, and it all starts in your main entry.

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Part of a smooth transition into the home is a front door that opens into the house. Rather than opening out. Opening in is more welcoming to guests and more open to positive energy. A door that opens out pushes out toward visitors, making them back up if they’re standing close to the door. A similar effect can occur with energy.

Proper Proportions

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A front door has a good relationship with the house structure. A strong feng shui front door is a door that has pleasing proportions to the rest of the house. This simple point is often forgotten during home renovations, such as when small houses are expanded to two or three stories but still have a tiny front door. This might have been enough when the house was a small, one-story structure, but with the bigger house, you need a bigger front door.

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