How To Adopt Glamour Style Without Making It Too Over-The-Top

If your personalities are meant to shine. Hence, there’s no reason why your interiors shouldn’t do the same. Glamorous designs, featuring plenty of glitz, sparkle and show-stopping shine, are simple to put together. If you follow the right steps. Here’s how you can make it happen in a way that feels properly balanced, rather than over-the-top, ensuring all eyes end up exactly where you want them.

Shape Is The Key

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One of the forms that can greatly infuse plenty of personality into a room is Shape. Instead of building your design around the same boxy, almost-modular furniture pieces everyone else uses, hunt down pieces with more character. Focus on selecting furniture that’s full of elegant curves and lots of angles to add visual interest.

In addition to furniture, keep an eye open for other opportunities to disperse interesting shapes throughout your design. Light fixtures are a great way to do this, as are accessories and décor items. It’s tempting to want to play around with a variety of different shapes and sizes, but again, we suggest picking 2-3 and repeating them in various applications, giving your space a sense of cohesion.

Bold Colors And Prints

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Make a big statement by using glamorous interiors. For that reason, there’s no better way to do that than with bold colors and loud patterns. You can start by picking a color or pattern that speaks and build the rest of your design around it.

Whichever look inspires you, remember the 60-30-10 rule. When using a three-color palette, decorate 60% of a room with the dominant color, 30% with the secondary color, and 10% with the remaining color. Typically, we’d recommend having a neutral shade as the dominant color, but feel free to switch it up. However, if you do choose a bold hue to cover 60% of the space, add neutral touches throughout the rest of the room, creating places for the eye to rest.

Balance Your Room

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You need to keep a balance in your room if you want glamorous interior design a success. While eye-catching pieces are a must, including too many of them will have an opposite effect, causing the room to appear overwhelming. It’s hard to focus when so many elements are vying for attention.

Creating enough balance for the room to feel unified is all about striking a compromise. If you’re opting for a bold pattern, consider choosing one that uses neutral colors. If you’ve found the perfect statement piece for a room. Highlight it by making the rest of the space a little more subdued in comparison.

Shiny Things

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If you want to infuse glamour into your room. Therefore, shine is an absolutely essential component for catching eyes and demanding attention. Make sure to include plenty of it in your design.

To make your shiny items work, there are a few different tactics to choose from. The first is to introduce shine through your lighting elements. Use metals, crystals, or both to create visual impact. If you go this route, we suggest making the lighting fixture your focal point. Consider hanging a bold fixture above a formal dining table, in an entryway, or above the bed.

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