How To Create A Perfect Family Room

As the go-to area for everything from movie nights to play dates and all bonding times in-between. Hence, the family room is central to every home. But how do you find the right balance between comfortably cozy and stylishly sophisticated? We talked with interior designer and home style expert Casey DeBois. Thus, on how to set up, decorate, and maintain your ideal family room.

Invest In Modular Furniture

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While choosing your sofas and sectionals, DeBois says you want to find ways to maximize seating and comfort potential. To start, anchor the space with a deep sofa with a chaise or sectional. “The chaise part should be large enough to fit two adults,” she recommends. But when friends come over or for fun movie nights you might need more seating options.

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Her advice. Thus, ditch the coffee table for several nesting tables or stools that easily moved around for flexible seating arrangements. For even more options. Therefore, stock your family room with large pillows. That also not only add extra couch cushion but can also double as fun floor seating.

Let The Layout Flow

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When arranging a multi-functional space like a family room. Thus, DeBois recommends strategically arranging furniture to keep clear paths open for walking (and running!).

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“There should be a nice marriage of form and function with enough space to move around without tripping over pieces of furniture,” she says. If you’re centralizing furniture around a couch, for instance, avoid having the back of the couch block the entryway.

Keep The Walls Clean

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We know your little Picasso just can’t wait to share her art with the world. The key to keeping your walls out of the picture? Go with a kid-friendly finish that’s easy to clean. “For paint finishes, satin and eggshells are best,” says DeBois. “If you’re using wallpaper, choose a more commercial grade grasscloth that may better withstand general children’s play and is also more scrubbable, if needed.”

Go For A Performance Fabric

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Whether your home is full of toddlers or teens, spills and stains are inevitable in any family room. That’s why this designer’s top tip is to pre-treat everything (preferably, as soon as you can!) to avoid that moment of panic when sticky fingers meet your new couch.

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If it’s available to you, DeBois suggests hiring a specialist to visit your home to pre-treat any surfaces. Otherwise, try to opt for stain-resistant fabrics like Crypton’s when furniture-shopping. And if you’re thinking darker tones will keep you safe from all visible wear-and-tear, DeBois says they’ll likely still be as noticeable as they would on lighter fabrics. Instead, choose high-performance linens and blends that will hold up better against stains and spills. “Restoration Hardware has a great selection that is practically indestructible.”

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