How To Decorate A Rental Place

Living in a rental it’s not easy. especially for people who have a creative drive or coming from an interior design background. you’re not going to able to paint, change flooring, fixtures or hang certain things. so here are few hacks to overcome these limitations.

Washi tape your wall

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When your landlord doesn’t give you a permission to nail the wall, you can use a washi tape to decorate your room. There are so many uses for washi tape, one of them is making a creative design on your boring white rental wall.

Use a removable wallpaper

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One of the most eye-catching things in your house is the wall. Sadly, if you live in a rental house, you can make a permanent change to it. But, rest assured you can use a removable wallpaper if you don’t mind paying the expensive price of removable wallpaper. So, make sure you plan it wisely and accordingly where to put it and what kind of the design that you want.

Instantly beautify countertops

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If your countertops are the ugly kind. you can use an instant granite. it’s a peel and sticks granite that you put over your countertops and looks almost exactly like the real thing. It’s easy to remove too just use a hairdryer.

Temporary backsplash

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Do you have some really ugly backsplash in your kitchen, or maybe none at all? well, in that case, you can use some peel and stick decorative wall backsplash that can be removed using a hairdryer. it’s a bit expensive though, but in the end, it’s a beautiful piece.

Ditch the blinds

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If your rental place comes with a blind. Ditch it, you don’t it been through, especially the vertical blinds, it’s the most hideous and horrible inventions of our time. not only are they ugly, but they break all the time. The easiest way to remedy this problem is to take each blind out of its clip on the track.

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