How to Design with Dark Hardwood Floor

You can never go wrong with a classic. In flooring for example, choosing the dark hardwood floor has been something that dated back centuries ago, since this type of flooring can be combined with any decor style. Besides, wood floors are natural and unique: there is never two wood floors that are exactly alike because the natural variation of the types of woods and the patterns as well as the finishing is never the same.

If you need some ideas on how to be creative with dark hardwood floor, here are some you can try bring into your home.

Vintage is great

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The best thing about a dark hardwood floor is that years of use will never make it outdated. Even if your dark hardwood floor is beat up and worn out, you can keep it, it means they have a lot more character for the house. Keep it varnish and coated but try not to lose the vintage element while you are doing it.

Darker is better

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If you buy a house with a dark hardwood floor and the floor is worn out or has uneven color but still desireable, you can even make it darker by using some paint. Paint the dark hardwood floor black and you will get a furnished and brand new rustic flooring with a color that even pops out more. It pairs really well with some decor accents and dark furniture.

Use high-gloss or matte finish

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Another idea for when you want to make your dark hardwood floor has more edges is by letting it shine. Try some high-gloss lacquer to make you floor looks luxurious. Or, you can easily achieve elegance by choosing a finish that is a bit more matte. The beauty is so subtle and and light but very smart and elegant.

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