How To Fix Your Old Boring Closet Into An Amazing One Just By One Weekend

If you are in the process of KonMari-ing your closet right now. Also, along with everyone else in the country, this is a good moment to take the time. Here’s what I did in my master bedroom, in just one weekend. Thus, along with some other ideas on how to improve your storage space.

Ditch the Doors

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First thing I did was take off the old closet doors that were causing me problems. (I have them stowed away in the garage. Hence, in case I think of a new use for them in the future). If you’ve never removed these kinds of tracked closet doors before. Therefore, you don’t need a home improvement course to figure out how to do it. But it does require some patience and a lot of unscrewing.

Replace Flooring

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I couldn’t salvage the old carpet in my house. And removing it required lots of ventilation and a mask. Also, along with an odor-blocking primer on the subfloors to get rid of the urine smell. Where there was once pee-stained muted aqua-colored carpet, there is now medium brown bamboo flooring.

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Other options: Closets generally aren’t very large. Hence, which makes them a great place to try out new flooring without breaking the bank. Also making a huge project out of it. If you’re a renter, float vinyl hardwood over the existing floor, temporarily wallpaper the surface or other removable options.

Prime and Paint

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My property is filled with trees, which I love, but it makes the house dark. I went with bright white to help offset all the gloominess, including the closet. The walls in my house are also white. So, even without the doors, there’s a cohesive flow between the open storage space and the rest of the room.

Upgrade the Clothing Rod

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Instead of buying a new rod, I took my old one outside and lightly sanded it, then sprayed it with a metallic brass paint. It’s an easy project but, since the rod is cylindrical, watch for drip marks and smooth them out before the paint has a chance to dry, or sand out any drips, and repaint.

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