How To Incorporated Your Room With Tranquil Color Of Turquoise

What comes to mind when you think of turquoise? Beautiful Native American jewelry? The ocean where it meets a white sandy beach? Few colors are as playful and versatile as turquoise. Especially when it comes to home design. Depending on how you use it, it can be bold and rich, playful and bright, or soft and subdued. The range of shades that touch into both teal and navy allow for turquoise to work in traditional, contemporary, modern, bohemian and preppy spaces.

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The key with turquoise it just to make sure that you stay in charge. Therefore, make the color work for you, not the other way around.

From statement-making, saturated wall paint to accent pillows, furniture, and tile. Also, there are many ways to add turquoise elements to any room in your home and get the vibe you’re hoping for. Hence, from energetic and funky to calm and tranquil.

Turquoise Furniture in soft Neutral Surroundings

(Source: Santayanahome)

In this Madrid home, designed by Santayana Home. Hence, we see how a large turquoise sectional can almost melt into a room. Therefore, rather than stand out as an unavoidable statement piece. To achieve this, the designers put it in an extremely soft, washed-out palette of natural wood, beige and tan linens. Also as throw pillows in a complementary shade of blue.

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The overall energy of this room is mellow and subdued. Therefore, perfect for entertaining at cocktail hour or cozying up with the family for movies on a rainy afternoon. We also love how you can just barely see that the dining tables are also turquoise. Hence, giving flow and continuity to the whole space. Ahhh, how zen.

Turquoise Tile in the Master Bath

(Source: Houseofturquoise)

This charming bathroom featuring two different kinds of turquoise tile is one we found on design blog House of Turquoise. Hence, designed by Charla Ray Interior Design in Portland, Oregon. Not only does it feature two unique turquoise tile designs. But the walls are also painted pale blue-green and trimmed in white.

(Source: Decoist)

The tiles give this bathroom an almost Gatsby-esque deco vibe. But the pale color scheme keeps things feeling modern and cool. In a room like this that is literally “cool,”. Therefore, it’s best to avoid warm metallics like brass and gold and go for shiny silver and stainless steel fixtures.

Happy Combinations of Pink and Turquoise

(Source: Tybeevacationrentals)

Behold, the bright and colorful charm of the Salty Mermaid Cottage on Tybee Island in Georgia. Is this room not just so happy? Bright white shiplap walls provide the ideal blank canvas for a preppy and very Southern combination of rich turquoise and bright pink.

(Source: Idealhome)

The contrasts in this room are stark but still pleasing. Pairing warm and cool tones like this will give room tons of energy and life, and probably boost your mood, too, which is why we see it so often. Just be sure to limit the color palette beyond your main two choices and the neutral background—you don’t want to end up with an overwhelming “taste the rainbow” look.

Turquoise Elements in an Old World Sitting Room

(Source: Southernliving)

This beautiful room in a Florida home was designed by New York City-based designer Ashley Wittaker. We love the way it embraces a whole spectrum of cool tones from lime green and sage to faded charcoal and turquoise. This design aesthetic, with it’s skirted chairs, rattan furniture, and gilded frame art feels decidedly Old World traditional, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t replicate the palette in a more bohemian or eclectic space.

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