How To Infuse Tone On Tone In Your Bedroom

Tone on tone style may similar and different to a monochrome decorating scheme. Because, the style uses different shades, tones, and textures in more precise ways. The essence of tone on tone color is taking a certain color and using slightly different saturations of that color. Hence, resulting in a refined look that makes a tone on tone in the bedroom a good choice.

Where the style differentiates itself from monochrome design is that it may use more than one color to achieve its style. Therefore, the result is a classy look that’s great for anyone who would like to stay within one or a few color families because they simply love those colors.

Texture Add Interest

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Another key aspect of tone on tone style is using texture. By using texture, you can keep close to the same shade without making the room look too uniform. For instance, textured walls are a popular choice for getting that visual interest in space. The texture is highly noticeable as it surrounds the whole space. Textured carpeting or rugs can also have a similar effect.

Use A Different Tones

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One of the first step applying tones on tone in the bedroom is to consider lightness and darkness of different colors. For instance, it’s common in the bedroom space to use tone on tone in a headboard against a wall, as in the photo above. The wall may have a slightly deeper tone than a lighter headboard, for instance. In that way, the headboard matches the wall nicely, while not totally blending into it.

Spruce Up With Other Colors To Separate Different Shades

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You can add a flair on your tone on tone style. So, it doesn’t always mean monochrome. You can do that by adding shots of a different color to visually separate tones from each other for more visual interest. For instance, a headboard with a highly saturated color can break up the tones between the wall and the bedding.

Visual Anchor As Focal Points

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Adding focal points or visual anchors is another hallmark of the tone on tone style. For that reason, something that draws the eye. That element can be what the rest of the space is organized around. Having one element that draws the eye keeps the space from looking too flat.

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