How to Make Narrow Hallway Looks Bigger

Two of the biggest challenges in home design is making narrow spaces look bigger and figuring the right way to do with hallways. The combination of both only make the challenge seems more impossible to tackle. What to do with a dark and narrow hallway?

While at first, working with a space like this might seem hopeless, it’s not a lost cause at all. There ae some easy tricks to make your narrow hallway seem bigger, warmer, and have better lighting.

Put mirrors

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Mirrors are always one of the essential tricks you must apply when you want to broaden a space visually. Mirrors can trick your eyes into thinking that the space is bigger, so they should be your friends when decorating a narrow hallway. Put some small mirrors in the center or just one big mirror that wll be able to expand your perspective of the hallway.

Use better lighting

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Besides mirror, good lighting is also one of the basic ways to make a narrow space look larger. Lighting, while not receiving as much attention as it deserves, has the ability to make or break any room. A dark and narrow hallway can look warmer and more inviting when it has a better lighting. Similarly, the less light there is in the hallway, the narrower and more cramped it looks. Choose some lighting that you can set up with a lot of customization so you can target the darkest and deepest corners of your hallway.

Use light colors on the wall

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The color of the wallls will play an important role in reflecting the natural or artificial lighting that you set up for your narrow hallway. Obviously, light color is what you need to apply. Light colors will make you feel like the space is more open and brighter. However, you don’t have to be stuck with white as the single color that works. Any light color will help you achieve the goal!

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