How To Make Your House Guest Comfortable Without A Guest Room

If you live somewhere without a designated guest bedroom, you might’ve decided overnight guests are not an option for you. Well, I’m here to change your mind. With a little planning and preparation, you can ensure you and your guests feel comfortable, no matter your square footage.

You can’t offer guests more than an air mattress on your living-room floor. Also, you want them to have as pleasant a stay as possible. Rest easy: There are plenty of simple ways to make them feel at home. So keep reading to see exactly how to pull it off.

Put A Room Divider

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A temporary room divider is a great option if you live in a studio or one-bedroom apartment. The wall will provide nighttime privacy for a better night’s sleep — something you and your guest will both appreciate. Don’t have a room divider? Get crafty, and make one.

Another way to create privacy is by hanging curtains with a tension rod. Depending on your space, this option may work better than a classic room divider.

Give Your Guests A Choice Of Pillow

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For some people, a good night’s sleep starts with what’s under their heads. A back sleeper will need firm support under the neck; a stomach sleeper might want something softer. The right pillow can make all the difference.

Unfold A Luggage Rack

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Having a place to rest a bag during a stay will be more comfortable for a guest—and keep your living room neater. You can find plenty of options for under $40 at such sites as and

Invest in a Daybed or Sleeper Sofa

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If you don’t have a spare bed and aren’t moving anytime soon, consider investing in a nice daybed or sleeper sofa. If that’s out of your price range, shop for a quality air mattress. Need an immediate solution? Hello, sofa.

Always Store An Extra Sheet

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Even if a sofa is all you have to offer, dress it as if it were a bed. Locate a set of your best sheets, and wrap the fitted sheet around the seat cushions. Complete the makeshift bed with a top sheet, comforter and quality pillow.

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