How To Make Your Personal Home Library

If you are a big fan of reading books or should I say a bookworm. Perhaps you like the idea of having a library in your home, therefore you should create one. All it takes is a little planning to make sure this project comes out the way you’ve always envisioned.

Since these spaces are highly personal, much of your design will come down to your tastes. But there are some tips to help ensure your home library functions at its best, regardless of your aesthetic. Read on below to get one step closer to creating your dream home.

Seating Arrangement

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Proper seating is the second most important part of a home library. The cardinal rules are whether your space will accommodate a single chair or you have square footage for a whole grouping, it should be comfortable.this is one of the few times we’ll advise you to forgo ultra-modern minimalism in favor of the larger, more plush pieces common in traditional design.

The next step is designing a proper layout. Of all the seating arrangements in your home, this one, in particular, should feel welcoming. Try arranging each piece at a slight angle to bring a casual and comforting air to space.

Displaying Your Book

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Home library holy grail is proper storage. if you’re a bookworm, likely you spent a lot of time storing your books in less-than-ideal conditions. Now that you’ve committed to designing your very own library, it’s time to proudly put your books on display.

First of all, you need to pick the best location in your home for this project. Once you can picture where your library will take shape, it’s time to get serious about storage. Floor-to-ceiling shelving units or built-ins are the traditional choices. However, these days, homeowners are getting more creative. Search out some design inspiration for alternatives that will work in your unique space.

Layer Your Lighting(Again)

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Proper lighting is crucial in a library. No one likes the struggle of squinting to make out words. Providing a proper lighting scheme, as well as the right type of light, is essential to the room’s ability to function the way you want.

Here, your ambient and task lighting is most important. Make sure to have one of each directly above or beside each spot in your seating area. Then, provide the right light temperature. Day bulbs, ranging from 5,000K-6,500K, are the best choice for reading, so you may want to invest in a few of those.

Coziness Of Your Furniture


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Coziness is essential in your home library. After all, this space is an indulgence at heart. Your final product needs to feel like somewhere you’d gladly curl up with a good book for hours on end.


In this case, utilizing textiles is an especially great option for bringing a level of comfort to the room. For example, you can ground the space with a nice, plush throw rug. Then, add a few throw pillows to each chair or sofa in your seating arrangement. Finally, consider adding a soft blanket to the mix to keep warm in cooler temperatures.



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