How To Make Your Small Bedroom Look And Feel Larger

Many of us imagine our dream bedroom having a large walk-in closet. Thus, a king-size bed with a canopy, giant windows that let in plenty of sunlight. Also, enough storage space for every one of your belongings to have a spot. However, if you’re living in big cities. Thus, we’re most likely living in a much smaller, less spacious room than what we could afford elsewhere.


If you have a ​small bedroom, you’re not alone – it’s one of the most common bedroom decorating issues. You have to remodel to add actual square footage. But luckily, there are decorating tricks to fool the eye into seeing your bedroom as larger than it actually is.


Worry not, there are ways to make even the tiniest of bedrooms look massive! Follow our tips below to make your small bedroom look bigger than you ever thought it could!


Monochromatic Paint


Coordination is an important feature of any room design. And the best place to start is with your paint. Therefore, use monochromatic paint colors throughout the room to create fluidity and space. Hence, painting the room with different or opposite colors will segment off portions of the room when viewing. Thus, making it feel smaller. This small room uses shades of blue to coordinate the flow of color.

Use Space-Saving Furniture


Not all small bedroom design ideas are optical illusions. Obviously, the less furniture that you have in your bedroom, the bigger it will look. Thus, a simple solution would be raising your bed with risers and then storing your clothes beneath. Hence, You can also purchase beds with built in storage beneath. Therefore, like the bed pictured here. But, don’t stop there, get creative with the rest of your small room design ideas. Utilize folding desks and chairs and store them when you aren’t using them.

Paint The Ceilings Darker Or With A Bold Pattern


This is an interesting technique because you are essentially tricking the eye to look upward. Thus, using colors or patterns that pop will draw the eye upward. Which gives the illusion of height even if you don’t necessarily have high ceilings. Hence, this fun bedroom ceiling is painted to mimic the dark blue night sky.

Avoid Excessive Furniture


You don’t always need two bedside tables, especially in a small room. This tip is relatively simple on paper, but somewhat harder in practice. It is always nice to have extra things to make your life easier, but if space is an issue, less furniture will make your room seem much bigger. By keeping the bed on the floor and using only one small table as the only piece of furniture, this small bedroom looks much bigger.

Keep Low To The Ground


Stay away from tall chairs and tables in your small bedroom design, and definitely get rid of the high headboard. By keeping things low to the ground. Hence, you are creating more space above, which keeps the wall cleaner and ceiling seem higher. The bedroom pictured here has a smaller ceiling, but by keeping the bed on the ground. Therefore, it makes the bedroom look and feels much bigger.

Built-In Shelving Around Bedding


Building shelving around your bedding and recessing the bed a bit is a great small bedroom design idea. The shelving doubles as a bedside table, saving space in that regard. But, by having the bed recessed, it creates an illusion of depth in the wall. Thus, making the small room feel bigger.

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