How to Maximize Your Small Master Bedroom

Small bedrooms are not very easy to decorate, since there is such a limited space for a bed, a nightstand, a bedside table, and many other types of furniture that you might want to fit in  that space. If you have a small master bedroom and want to maximize the space so you can have a perfectly decorated room without looking cramped, here are some of ideas to follow.

Optimize the functionality of all items

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A small master bedroom should contain the furniture with optimized functionality. It means, you shouldn’t buy items just for the sake of decorating or filling. Don’t let items you don’t need overfilling the room. This could mean making sacrifices, like buying the smaller nightstand or not buying the second one. Let there be an open space for a pleasant spatial impact.

Layer the accesories

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Not cramping the small master bedroom with objects you don’t need is a must, however, it doesn’t neceessarily make the room seem larger. Try layering accessories that will be the focal point of the design and result in bigger room appearance. Place functional items over decorative items, such as leaning a wall art on a nightstand or adding lamps above or on it.

Place a large mirror

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Strategically utilizing large mirrors is also a proven method on making a small room seem bigger. Mirrors create an illusion that will help your small master bedroom look larger by reflecting the natural and artificial lights. Place it opposite a window or angle it at a focal point in the room.

Choose light colors

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One of the old tricks to make a narrow space feel bigger is by keeping the tone light. Apply this trick to your small master bedroom. The walls should be of light color, such as light white, to reflect the natural color from all of the corners. Besides creating the illusion of a bigger space, this also brings peace and calmness into the room.

Alternatively, opt for going bold

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If you’re not into boring whites for your bedroom, you can also choose bolder colors. These will similar impact to the dimension and width of the room. Just make sure not to go over the top when painting and decorating with the bold tone.

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