How to Optimize Your Small Bathroom to Look Bigger

Having a small bathroom is not something very pleasant, but you shouldn’t worry about it too much. A bathroom that feels like cramped and looks cluttered won’t give you the comfort necessary for self-care, but with some design and decoration tricks, your small bathroom can seem bigger. No matter how compact it is, when your design is right, it will make the room seems better. On the other hand, your large bathroom will give you the feeling like you are trapped if you don’t design it the right way.

Here are some design tricks that will optimize your small bathroom.

Use multi-functional freestanding furniture

Just because the floor space is limited, it doesn’t mean you are limited to one of few items of furniture. You can use our creative flair to pick some furniture that doesn’t need fitting in a certain space. Freestanding furniture is always the right option for a bathroom on the smaller side. You can move them around whenever you like and you can take them anywhere when you need the floor or space empty. Choose freestanding seating and storage for your small bathroom.

Use the same tiles for visual tricks

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The actual amount of space that exists in front of you and the one that your eyes perceive isn’t always the same. You can use this fun fact to your advantage. Play with perception tricks buys decorating your small bathroom with the same tiles on both the floor and the wall. It makes it visually larger because the eyes find difficulties to distinguish where the floor or the wall begins. Try to use some marble because it is particularly effective in this case. You don’t see the individual tiles so it looks like a large sheet.

Use wall-hung units

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Since space is limited, floating fittings is ultimately the answer. Besides saving some space in the literal sense, it also tricks the eyes because more floor will be seen so it makes your small bathroom looks less cluttered.

Don’t install a bathtub

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Your small bathroom will look even smaller when you choose a tub over a shower. A tub easily takes twice space as that required by a shower. If your household consists of adults, then a shower is definitely the best option. However, if you have children and you need it to bath them, choose a smaller tub with a lower height.

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