How To Overcome Small Space? Go Big!

Having a tiny space doesn’t mean that you should decor it with tiny furniture. One of the biggest design mistakes for a room of any size is cluttering it with small pieces. But the secret to successful small space design is just the opposite: choose the largest pieces possible. The trick is, Fewer pieces, in a larger scale, will make space look bigger and feel more functional.

Large Bed

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What is the main function of a bedroom? A bedroom is where you go for rest. Hence, do you really need a desk, TV, sitting area, or even a dresser? Maybe not. Prioritize your furnishing with the most important element of the bedroom: a bed. If you have any space left, consider adding a nightstand or a wall-mounted shelf to double as a nightstand. Don’t forget a lamp! Another way to maximize space is by pushing the bed up against the wall.

Big Mirror

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We know that mirror helps your room to make it feel bigger. Because mirror works by reflecting light and doubling the sense of space. Add the largest mirror you can fit. You can either stand a mirror on the floor and lean it against a wall or create a mirrored wall, as in the kitchen pictured above.

Place A Largest Rug Possible

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What are the first things eye notices from the floor, rugs. So if you want to make your tiny space look larger? Add the biggest rug you can fit. The best way to find a perfectly fitting rug is to measure the open area your buying your rug for, and purchasing a rug just 2-3 inches smaller, all around. That way, you create a visual border that doesn’t look like carpeting. Go with a bold pattern — the larger-scale the pattern, the better.

Switch Your Coffee Table With Ottoman

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There’s a good reason to skip the coffee table and go with a big ottoman: you’ll use it more! An extremely versatile piece, an ottoman works like a coffee table if you place a tray on top. Or, cozy it up to your sofa or sectional to create a large daybed or lounge. As yet another alternative, move it elsewhere, your dining area, for example, and use as a bench or spare dining seat.

If you’re planning to move the ottoman around, pick an ottoman with wheels to make your life easier. And go with a storage style that opens up to hold blankets, magazines and other items.

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