How To Transform Your Boring Bedroom Into Eclectic Bedroom

The eclectic bedroom style just like any other eclectic interior design is a very personal space. The reason behind this is very simple. The eclectic interior design allows you to use objects such as decorations, accents, and furniture pieces that you have obtained from somewhere because you really liked them. If your interior design is not eclectic, those objects might not fit well and will be an eyesore.

Mix Your Style

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The one trait that defines the eclectic look is a blend of different styles combined in such a way that they complement each other, instead of clashing. Love your Art Deco dresser and your rustic bed? Smile when you see your grandma’s heirloom nightstand next to a mid-century modern armchair? Then you understand the heart of the eclectic style. But be aware balance and scale are crucial in this style of decorating. Your furnishings might not come from the same decade but they still need to be in the proper scale to space and to each other.

Harmonize It With Colors

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Making eclectic style works is using color to harmonize the different elements of the room. Frequently, people who like eclectic style also like bright, bold color but though not typical. Skillful use of color is the easiest way to blend diverse decorating styles. If you love brights, keep the walls and flooring neutral to avoid sensory overload. Mix and match your palette to your heart’s content, but spread your primary colors throughout the room.

Lots Of Patterns

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Beside mix and matches the furniture. In an eclectic style, it is a must to have a plenty of patterns. the key to success when mixing designs is to match at least one color throughout, and choose patterns that play well together. Generally, you’ll find that geometric shapes, stripes or dots work very well with nature motifs such as animal prints, florals, fern or leaf patterns, and bird or animal designs. But there are no hard-and-fast rules here, chooses patterns you like, make sure there are a variety of scales and if you get crazy with color and pattern, keep the walls white or stick with solids on the bed and window treatments.

Recycle Your Furniture

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One of the very common elements in eclectic bedrooms, although not defined of the style, is the use of repurposed or recycled materials. That can mean anything from furniture made from reclaimed wood to creatively repurposing a stack of suitcases into a nightstand or an old ladder into a headboard. The weathered, well-loved appearance common to many repurposed materials complements many other finishes, making these items perfect in the eclectic bedroom.


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