How To Update Your Room In 15 Minute

If you’re bored with your living room but you don’t have the budget to give it an overhaul, don’t despair. There are plenty of quick and inexpensive ways to give your room a new look. If you’ve got a few minutes, you’ve got time to give your living room a whole new look.

Replace the Overhead Fixture

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Overhead fixtures have a huge impact on the look and feel of a room. If you have something heavy and bold, switch it out for something light and airy.

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If you have something modern, switch it out for something traditional. Or if you have a flush mount light, switch it out for a chandelier. When you change the overhead fixture, you change the mood.

Rearrange the Furniture

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Want a new look without spending a lot of time (or money)? Rearrange the furniture. Pull the pieces away from the walls, reverse the placement of the sofa and chairs, create new seating areas, or put a piece of furniture in an unexpected spot.

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You might be surprised at what a big difference moving a few things around can do. It will feel like a brand new space and you won’t have spent a penny.

Style Your Bookshelves

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A great way to give your room a quick new look is by styling your bookshelves. The most common use for bookshelves is to store and display books, but that doesn’t mean they should just be put there haphazardly. Stack books horizontally and vertically, layer in other accessories (photo frames, decorative objects, small floral displays, etc), and create vignettes that are pleasant to look at.

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It may seem minor, but organizing shelves and other display areas in a visually pleasing way will make your entire room look more thought-out.

Replace Your Throw Pillows

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Throw pillows are the perfect decorative accessory. They add color, pattern, texture, and comfort to just about any space. They’re also very powerful – they have the ability to change the look and feel of a room instantly.

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So if you want to give your room a new look without replacing any of the major pieces try switching out the throw pillows for ones that are a new color and/or pattern. The difference is small but mighty!

Rearrange the Art

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For a quick but dramatic change, move all the art in the house to a new spot. If you have a single, large piece over the sofa, switch it out for a few smaller pieces.

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If you have things arranged in a gallery-style, rearrange them into a grid pattern. Or take the art out of one room and replace it with the art from another. Things might not look perfectly placed, but it’s a fun way to give a room a new look in just a few minutes.

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