How to Use Feng Shui in Bedroom Decoration

Bedroom is probably the most important place in the house. It is where we recharge and safely heal ourselves from everyday’s stress to come back fresh and energized again in the morning, ready to face new battles. Therefore, it is necessary to make your bedroom the most comfortable place ever by applying the right techniques for bedroom decoration. Besides decluttering (which is currently on the rise thanks to Netflix Marie Kondo’s), you can also use some classic feng shui for your bedroom decoration to get the sound sleep that you deserve. Feng shui is basically a design system to arrange things in harmony and balance with the surrounding. It is believed that your surrounding will influence your mental wellbeing and attract positive things in life, when harmony and balance is achieved. How do we do achieve this?

Calm and focused bedroom

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The energy of each room directly influences you. Each of the rooms in your house is supposed to represent different slef aspects. Since bedroom is the room for a rest and romance, so you should ensure that the room only contains item that are related to your relaxation, sleep, and intrapersonal or interpersonal relationship.  So when you plan a bedroom decoration, get rid of objects that have nothing to do with those things: such as kitchen object or work stuff, even religious relics is better placed somewhere else at the certain sacred places in your house.

Don’t bring work into the bedroom

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While the first point is to recommend you not to put non-sleep or intimacy related things into your resting room, the second point further emphasizes it. Bringing your office into your sleeping den is one of the worst ideas in bedroom decoration, feng shui or not. Besides there is no definite separated point of work and rest which might damage your productivity, you will also bring stress and anxiety into what is supposed to be a calming place. This advice is probably very difficult for the work-at-home type or people who live in a small studio apartment, but at least get a panel to separate where you work and sleep.

Pick neutral color scheme

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When you plan a bedroom decoration, always keep in mind that the colors that you pick can strongly affect your emotions and mood. Therefore, you have to choose color that supports your inner peace and relaxation. Warm colors can create warmth in your relationship. Choose some neutral colors of the light spectrum for the best sleeping experience.

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