Interesting Living Room Rug Ideas You Should Try

Living room rug is very important to make your floor look a lot nicer and comfortable. It also makes the house seem warmer and more inviting. If you don’t have any ideas on how to make your living room nicer with the rugs that you have, here are some things to consider that will turn your living room into a nice comfy modern space.

Layered rugs

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If you have more than just one rug, it will be a good idea to show your collection off by layering them. The rugs can also cozy up your room. If your collections are of the smaller sizes, those layers can make it seem bigger. Try the living room rug idea for any effect you want.

Rectangular rug

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The old school design rule might say that you cannot choose a rectangular rug for your living room because it will clash with the corners of your room. However, it is actually perfect for living room rug idea. It helps define the seating area in a tight space.

Bright pink living room rug

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Want something unusual and a little bit spectacular in your living room? Try an easy fix by putting a bright pink living room rug. It easily pops personality and color and brightens up a neutral space. If you choose a distressed style, it might even seem timeless instead of merely trendy.

Round rug

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Besides rectangular rug, you can also choose round rug for your living room. This type of rug will make any room with sectional sofas seem more solid, so you shouldn’t just apply this exclusively in your dining room.

Floral rug

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You might think that the traditional floral rug feels dated. However, there are always cute options and floral patterns that will serve the role as a timeless peace in your living room, at times even modern.

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