Interesting Livingroom Fireplace Ideas for A Warm Winter

What is better for the winter than a warm and beautiful living room fireplace that makes you want to stay for longer time? The chilly winter weather gives people’s opportunity to enjoy some peaceful time in the living room while reading a book or spending the time with family. If you’re bored with your standard oak mantel and red brick fireplace, you can always try to get some inspiration for a new living room fireplace ideas for your warm winter nights. Here are some of the examples.

Dauntless black living room  fireplace

Source: thespruce

Painting your livingroom with a bold color hue shouldn’t be something you fear. The traditional red brick livingroom fireplace is so centures ago. If you want your fireplace to look stylish and elegant effortlessly, try to paint it black or dark brown. The rich finish will be very impressive when clashed against some crisp white walls.

Glamorous and industrial

Source: europeanhome

Livingroom fireplace doesn’t always have to equal with a classic, suburban atmosphere of an old house. You can even choose the glamorous industrial style with a living room that features contemporary accesories like metallic light fixtures, expensive fabrics, and high-end furniture. For the fireplace, you can apply the same theme. Warm and modern.

Beach chic style

Source: doctorencasa

If you want to make your livingroom feels warm, breezy, easy, and chic, just adopt the coastal bohemian aesthetics. All you have to do is playing with textures and incorporting different patterns for a bohemian feel. The beachy vibes can be attained by picking a chunky wood mantel and adding some green plants or flowers. To make the atmosphere even stronger, display your favorite surfboard or use an old and unused surfboard as a decorative piece. Such a beautiful tropical summer vibe in a cold winter time!

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