Kitchen Pantries For Whatever You Need

One of those once-hidden rooms that are now playing a significant role in today’s home is kitchen pantries. The pantry has become one of the most desired and necessary storage features in today’s kitchens. Especially for homeowners who make a lot of bulk purchases from the warehouse club.

You can spend on your pantry from a full-size well-appointed walk-in closet $1,500 to A freestanding pantries can be had for a few hundred dollars, which is good for homeowners on a tighter budget.

Barn Door Pantry

(Source: Habitissimo)

You can create a clean, spacious look in kitchen pantries and can help you quickly locate items by using open shelving. A sliding barn door, in keeping with the farmhouse look that’s so popular right now, might be the finishing touch. This unconventional design provides character and functionality.

All-Purpose Pantry

(Source: Residencestyle)

You can get creative with your storage options. Hence, a lazy susan-style shelving can be your option, it can rotate in a circle is a great way to maximize corner space that’s hard to utilize. There’s a place for everything in this pantry, from canned good and drinks to tablecloths and other accessories.

Built-in Wall Pantry

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If your priority is to maximize space. You can opt for this built-in wall pantry because it packs a big punch. You can place all dry goods, tins, bottles and other vessels together, even though your pantry is small.

Hallway Pantry

(Source: MyArchitecture)

Nowadays we’re seeing more homeowners convert a hallway closet or extra bathroom into a walk-in pantry, complete with built-in shelves, recycling bins and even a charging station for phones, laptops, and other electronics. This is a great way to maximize underutilized space in your home, plus the pocket door doesn’t take up valuable floor space.

Elegant Pantry Cabinet

(Source: Houzz)

A good pantry design solves the clutter problem – and for those who don’t like small appliances on the countertop, it removes them from view. This cabinet does both so you can display your beautiful china, not your blender, coffeemaker, spices, and oils.

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