Kitchen Storage Secret for Sneakily Keeping More Utensils

If you always feel that you need more storage space in your kitchen, do not worry because you are not alone. Having a well-equipped kitchen is every woman dream. It is very annoying when you cannot try a new recipe just because you do not have the right tools. Of course, you can always buy new cooking tools that you want, but do you really have room to store them, especially if you live in a small apartment with minimalist kitchen. So here are some ideas to sneak in more storage in your tiny kitchen before they start cluttering in your pantry.

Go strongly vertical

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It is actually pure science. Arrange things vertically save more space than putting them side by side. Those containers and trays will make an ugly pile if you just stack them together. Invest nice dividers to store your cookie sheet, cooling racks and muffin tins vertically. You can apply this method for storing the plastic food containers as well.

No more grocery frenzy

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It is no use buying in bulk if you do not have enough space to store it. Buy in a small pack and arrange them in small container set so it will look nice and tidy. You may think buying a larger pack will save some money in the long run, but if you live alone, it will not make too many differences. The food that you buy will just go stale and you end up throwing them away. Buy tea, coffee, and snack in one serving pack and try to find the smallest pack for things that you rarely eat.

Declutter your kitchen counter

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You probably have more stuff than you actually need when you always spotting things cluttering on your countertop. The first step is to discard the things that you do not really need. Open up the cabinet and move kitchen tools that you rarely use in the top drawers or put several items together in some containers. Invest some drawer’s organizer so you can put your utensil based on their purposes. Remember that the things you rarely use belong in the deepest corner while your daily eatery can stay at the front.

Limit the number as you need

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The small kitchen makes you prioritize your utensils and tools. There is no need to have three colanders if you only use one. You can first eliminate these duplicates to provide more space for other equipment. The next step is to put away things that do not belong in the kitchen, like receipt and bills, a pile of old newspaper, keys and even your gardening tools. It will also help to store the related tools in one space, like one drawer for a baking kit and another for dessert kit. You will find them easier when you need them and also make your small kitchen lovely and organized.

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