“Pocket” Size Bathroom Ideas

If you have a limited space in your house, and your bathroom seems “too” small accommodate your needs. Because your bathroom is too cramped usually become so messy. Rest assure you don’t need to find a new place, all you need is to reorganize your bathroom. Here are some ideas that might help you with your “pocket” bathroom.

Wall mounted towel rack

(Source: Potterybarn)

Using a towel rack is one of the ways to save your bathroom limited space. especially if you put it above the bathtub or behind the shower door. Now you can say goodbye the old day tiptoeing to grab a towel.

Glassdoor on the shower

(Source: Berwnglass)

Don’t use foggy glass or dark curtain, they will tend to make your small size bathroom look more cramped. Instead use glass door on the shower will give you an illusion that your bathroom is larger than normal and make it liveable.

Ledge above the sink

(Source: Manhattan Nest)

Ledge right above the sink can help you to hold all of your daily essentials like toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, and others. And it also won’t take up as much floor space as a big piece of furniture. this idea can help you if your bathroom doesn’t have a built-in vanity.

Choose a unique color accent

(Source: Pinterest)

You can also use a unique color accent on your brass shower accessories, like the door handle, sink, etc. It will add a decorative element to your bathroom, make more playful, clean and open. Besides that, I already mention You too are going to have a great treat for the eyes.

Use a sliding door

(Source: Pinterest)

Instead of using a door with a hinged. It’s better to use a sliding door because when you open it, it won’t take as much space as a door with a hinged. and you can use as a decoration too. just like the picture above, you can install a mirror on it, voila you have a classy door with a mirror on it save your space too.

So that’s some of the ideas for “pocket” bathroom that might intrigue you, hope this article helps you to find what you need.

John Bauer

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