Simply Life Hack To Cool Your House Down

With the rise in temperature due to global warming, cooling your house down has become an essential thing to do. Usually, you can run your AC on full blast to remedy that problem. But it comes with another problem, such as high electricity bill. To prevent your electricity bill from skyrocketing here are a few ideas that you can try.

Heat Absorbing Houseplants

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If only there is a houseplant that can absorb heat. but wait a minute. there is one, in fact, there are more than few plants that can absorb heat in your house, not only they can make your home prettier and absorbing heat, it can produce oxygen too. so it’s a win-win solution for you.

Thermal Drapes

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By doing a simple thing like close all of the blinds, curtains found in your home, Covering up all of your windows and any glass doors will make your home a lot cooler without using an AC. for better result you can use thermal drapes.

Let it breath

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Besides all the living things, pillow and cotton sheets can breathe too. So there is no downside in investing in them. synthetic fabric blends might be soft to the touch, but they won’t keep you as cool while you snooze. instead of waking up sweaty and uncomfortable during the night. Only by spending a little more, you can get all the benefits as mentioned above.

Just open your window a bit

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You know that in the night time, the outside temperature is a lot cooler than in the inside your house. by keeping your windows cracked while you sleep, will make a cooler air flow through the night and the early morning hours. You’ll wake up feeling energize, cool and ready to tackle the day.

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