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May 2019

10 Great Studio Apartment Layouts You Can Copy

Just because your studio is less than 600 square feet, doesn’t mean it has to feel like a tiny dorm room. Of course, you can’t magically expand your apartment’s footprint (unless you knock down your neighbor’s walls). But with a little space planning and the right décor, you can maximize every square inch of your […]

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Oct 2018

Tips On Infusing A Large Wall Art In Your Home

When you have a big art piece and you want to showcase it, you’ll have to go by a different set of design principles. There is maybe a lot of reason to hang a large wall art; maybe you painted something yourself or purchased a special piece while traveling. You may also be going for […]

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Aug 2018

Top 4 Ideas For Decorating Your First House or Apartment As Adult

When you bought your first house or apartment, decorating it will be a big deal. This is not like when you’re decorated your dorm room. You need to get rid of all of those whiteboards, extra-long sheets, and mini fridges. These are a few tips that will help you to make your first apartment or […]

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