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May 2019

These 10 Amazing IKEA Storage Hacks Perfect For Your Small Bedroom

Your pint-size bedroom is in complete disarray. Clothing, shoes, and other essentials are piled everywhere even after tiding up KonMari style. It’s called tiny bedroom syndrome, and lucky for you, it’s 100 percent curable. In fact, the right furniture and accessories will clean up bedroom clutter stat. To get you started, we dug deep to […]

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Mar 2019

Great 5 Ikeas Hacks Idea Using Renter-Friendly Command Products

After seven years of renting, I am very familiar with the power of Command Strips. They’ve helped me install sunglasses racks, plant shelves, and gallery walls all without risking my security deposit. Now, what happens with you combine them with IKEA hacks? Perfect, renter-friendly solutions for all over your house. Hang Your Light Erin of […]

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Mar 2019

4 Hacks For Getting Organize Using IKEA Products

You’ve watched every episode of Marie Kondo’s Netflix show. Thus, said goodbye to anything that doesn’t bring you joy, took a well-earned cleansing breath. Also, why is there still a lot of stuff to organize? Sometimes life is hard to contain in a small space on an equally small budget. Hence, we turned to our […]

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