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May 2019

Top Ways To Solve Your Small Space Problems

Your studio apartment feels smaller than a walk-in closet. Of course, you pared down to your beloved essentials, but it didn’t change the fact that you live in a single room, and it’s frustrating. You feel like you’re living in a dorm instead of a grown up home. We get it. The good news is […]

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Mar 2019

Top 4 Tips For Small Room Arrangements That’ll Actually Help You

Small spaces can be tricky to decorate. You can spend hours scrolling through Pinterest, gathering your inspiration for your compact quarters, only to find that in practice you feel extremely limited. Whether you’re in a full-blown tiny home, a small apartment or just have a room in your home that’s short on square footage, we […]

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Feb 2019

A Small Tricks That Make A Small Space Feels Big

A common mistake when decorating a small space is to assume that everything in it should be equally tiny. But when the furniture, the wall art, and even the throw pillows are little, the whole room risks feeling itsy-bitsy. Time to think bigger: Introduce just one large-scale statement piece (like the seven stylish rooms that […]

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Oct 2018

How To Overcome Small Space? Go Big!

Having a tiny space doesn’t mean that you should decor it with tiny furniture. One of the biggest design mistakes for a room of any size is cluttering it with small pieces. But the secret to successful small space design is just the opposite: choose the largest pieces possible. The trick is, Fewer pieces, in a […]

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Sep 2018

4 Easy Tips to Decorate Small Spaces Like a Professional

Finding the right ways to decorate small spaces can sometimes seem so impossible. When you furnish and decorate a room, you want to fit as many things as possible inside, but you would hate it if the room felt cramped. In addition, you would want to decorate with a personality, but the limitations of space […]

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Jul 2018

4 Sneaky Tips for Living in Small Spaces

Having a minimalist living space like a small house or an apartment is the trend these days. Whether it is because of the financial accessibility or lifestyle preference, more and more people these days live in small spaces. However, just because you live in small spaces, it shouldn’t mean you cannot enjoy your life. There […]

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