The 4 Bedroom Design Mistakes That Keep You At Night

Are you feeling like you’re not designing it to its fullest potential? Is your bedroom looking a little lackluster? If so, you’re not alone. These bedroom design mistakes are all too frequent. Fortunately, though, these problems are fairly easy to fix. We’ve laid out four of the most common ones below, along with their simple solutions.

Design Mistake #1: Imbalance In Your Room

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The design mistake: Making the room feel too “top-heavy” by arranging all the furniture against one wall. The most common example of this is two side tables with a bed in the middle.

The solution: Spread your furniture out can achieve a proper sense of balance. If you have space available, consider creating a separate functional area in the bedroom, such as a reading nook or seating area. If not, add weight to the other side of the room by positioning a trunk or dresser directly across from the bed.

Design Mistake #2: Bright Colors Is No Go

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The design mistake: Bright colors, bold colors, such as yellows, oranges, or reds. These shades are not suited in your bedroom. However, it suited for kitchens and dining areas.

The solution: Scientifically speaking, in order to promote restful sleep, we should make our bedrooms as soothing as possible. The color blue has been found to promote peacefulness. However, if blue’s just not “you,” earth tones or neutrals can be quite relaxing as well.

Design Mistake #3: Forgetting Accessories

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The design mistake: Don’t make the mistake of turning your bedroom into only a utilitarian space that has little else to aside from being a place to sleep and store clothes. Hence, a place you wouldn’t want to spend an extended amount of time at all.

The solution: Your bedroom should be a space that you want to rest in it. your getaway from your daily works and chores. So take the time to give the room a sense of your personality. Add in some accessories, artwork, and fabrics that feel authentic to who you are.

Design Mistake #4: a lack of privacy

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The design mistake: Though rising with the sun may sound ideal to some, having uncovered windows in your bedroom leads to a serious lack of privacy.

The solution: Add some window treatments. There are plenty of beautiful designs to choose from: check out our guide to learn which options would work best in your bedroom.

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