The Best Kitchen Essentials That Can Solve Your Problem From Amazon

The biggest misconception about rental kitchens is that they’re unchangeable. Too many renters think that just because their appliances are mismatched, they have to stay mismatched. Or that there’s no getting around looking at the neighboring brick wall while you do dishes.

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There are lots of temporary rental solutions that won’t risk your security deposit. In fact, here are 5 Amazon finds that our editors and readers love. Also, they’ll help make your kitchen way better than the day you moved in.

Ultra EuroJet Kitchen Sprayer

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If you don’t love your faucet, know that there is hope! This little guy attaches to the spigot and allows you to adjust the sprays and rotate the stream to hit all those hard-to-reach spots in the sink.

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This is an especially good find if your sink doesn’t have a spray hose (or it’s busted, thanks to previous renters).

Appliance Art Stainless Magnet Dishwasher Cover

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Have a stainless steel fridge and a black dishwasher? As long as your dishwasher is magnetic, you can use this to transform your appliance. It simply sticks on to disguise the panel.

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If your dishwasher isn’t magnetic, you can find an equally shiny contact paper that will do the same thing—it’ll just require a little more work to apply.

Command Spray Bottle Hanger

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We intentionally didn’t put regular Command Hooks on this list because chances are you already know about them. But did you know that Command made spray bottle hangers?

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They use those patented removable sticky strips to hold up a plastic piece, which you can then hook spray bottles to. This frees up the space under your cabinets and doesn’t leave a mark or require you to buy a bulky organizer.

YAMAZAKI home Tower Rolling Kitchen Storage Cart

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Nearly every kitchen—rental or not—has a storage issue. While we wanted to stay away from organizing products for this post, this cart just comes up again and again, so we felt like we had to include it.

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It holds a lot even though it’s slim (and easy to stash in a closet) and it looks good while doing it (in case you have to store it out in the open).

Tempaper Brick Removable Peel and Stick Wallpaper

(Source: Amazon)

We love us some removable peel-and-stick wallpaper! And this stuff looks like white brick, which automatically adds some industrial charm. It’s a backsplash and a wallpaper in one!

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