The Common 4 Bathroom Design Mistakes

We are bound to make a few design mistakes from time to time because of not all of us professional interior designers. However, you don’t have to live with your missteps forever. Often, with just a few small tweaks, those errors are easily fixed

Here’s four of the most common bathroom design mistakes we see, as well as simple steps you can take to correct them. If you realize you’re guilty of one or two on the list.

Don’t Think Little Of Your Storage

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Storage is an important feature in your bathroom, so bathroom without enough storage to keep everything organized is all too common. Products get piled everywhere, hence making the room look messy and distracting from the design.

First of all, figuring out exactly what you need. Go through your routines with your bathroom as-is, and do your best to pinpoint where things begin to break down.

After pinpointing what you need. The next step is to go shopping for appropriate storage solutions with your problem areas in mind. Here’s the key, most noteworthy invest in a piece that will do double-duty by adding some aesthetic value.

There Is No Layered Lighting

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To create a truly functional room, therefore you need a layered lighting, and the bathroom is no exception. Layered lighting makes grooming routines, such as shaving or putting on makeup, a whole lot easier.

There is a three-layered lighting arrangement that commonly used in the bathroom: Ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting.

Mismatching Fixtures

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The key is in detail. if you missed the detail you will have mismatch fixtures in your design. However, it’s also a fairly easy fix, Certainly one that can certainly be tackled in a weekend.

When dealing with fixtures, it’s important to remember that while the material you choose for your fixtures is key, the finish maybe even more so. Two fixtures that are made of the same body material, yet host different finishes, won’t match. Consider the look you’re after before purchasing.

Don’t Forget About Decor

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When you have a small space bathroom, it may be tempting to forgo bathroom décor for the fear of creating clutter. However, we advise against following this urge. Decor items are often the details that can help make your design feel intentional, complete, and personal, rather than a strictly utilitarian space or an afterthought.

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