These Living Room Sofa Ideas Will Work In Any Types of Space!

A living room should be cozy and inviting and making you feel that you can comfortably live in it. However, some living rooms are created to resemble more of a stage or a play set up rather than an actual part of home which is comfortable and “homey”. It is very important to balance aesthetics, practicality, and livabiltity to create a cozy living room for you to lounge all day. The most important part is choosing the best living room sofa to achieve that purpose.

For an idea, follow these rules in choosing the best living room sofa.

Always choose a more neutral palette

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You can never go wrong by keeping things sleek and clean. A stunning white couch, for example, might seem so simple, yet very effective at giving any room an airy atmosphere.  You can then style the sofas all you like, such as by choosing a rug with a similar color palette for extra warmth and texture.

Make texture your main focus

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A living room sofa with the perfect color and texture will improve the living room overall ambience. The right fabric will make a sofa significantly more polished and full of character, compared to the plain ones. It will also create a focal point in the room.

Experiment with floating furniture

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Most people will tend to push their furniture up against the wall as their default living room organizing. However, sometimes there is a savvier move. Try floating furniture by putting furniture away from the walls. It might create some better balance in the room and even make the room seem larger.

Choose the best angles

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Work on your angles by strategically placing different elements such as pillows, tables, and lighting arond the living room sofa. You can create a perfect symmetry of those elements or even play with different arrangements. Just make sure that the sofa becomes the key piece of focal point.

Maintain casuality

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Keep all the items surrounding your living room sofa down to earth and casual to make it feel cozy enough to sit in. A throw can add a lot of texture and warmth, but when you style it the wrong way, it might feel more like a “dont-touch” decoration instead of a comfort addition. Be careful not to make guests feel like they are in a formal setting, or even worse, an art gallery. Everything is there to make people feel like home, right?

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