These Will be the Predicted Popular Winter Colors for Your Homes

Winter is going to be here soon. White and bold, the season is never going to be shy. While people usually associate winter with calming neutral and dreamy white colors, this winter it is going to be a little different. There will be brighter and bolder trends for winter 2018-2019. So if you’re looking to redecorate your home, here are the winter colors that are going to be big this season!

Olive Green

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This is the perfect color between vibrant and warm, between melancholic and energetic. Olive green might be the color of the fall, the color of the leaves fading away, but it is also going to be one of the biggest winter colors for 2018-2019. Olive green is the right color that will help you center the room. You can even turn your room into a nice monochromatic space which will warm your mood this winter.


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Another interesting color that is forecasted to be big is the peacock blue. The color is already super interesting to begin with, but making it extra shimmery is the trend for the coming winter. The color is best applied as a furniture finish, but you can definitely try it anywhere else.

Matte Black

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The finishing of a  furniture piece determines the final shade: black is no exception. There are multiple shades of it and matte black is the color that is nice to embrace the coming season. Make a statement with matte-finish furniture or wallpaper.

Muted Citrine

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The yellow quartz color is a zesty and energetic hue, but the more mellow turn is probably just what you need this season. Muted citrine doesn’t lose the zest of the classic yellow hue, but it is also calmer and more soothing and just perfect as one of the popular winter colors. Try to switch your pillow, sheets, and duvet with the color or just cheer up the room with a sunny lamp.

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