Things Not To Do When Painting Cabinets

Even for people who enjoy painting and decorating stuff, painting cabinets can be a daunting process. While it might seem very easy like there is no way it could ever go wrong, in reality, painting anything is something that should be done very carefully. You don’t necessarily aim to achieve a state-of-art with the painting, but when it is just terrible, you wouldn’t be able to proudly show it to people either.

To avoid mistakes when painting cabinets, here are things you should never do.

Forgetting to sand completely

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Not sanding thoroughly is one of the mistakes that many people do when they paint cabinets, and this mistake can cost you a great deal. Palm sander can be a very useful tool for complete sanding. Of course, there will be places that couldn’t be reached by the sander, and in this case, you should attempt some hand sanding. Tight spaces are where you should spend more of your time to ensure that the sanding is thorough and the painting doesn’t leave you with uneven spots.

Not tinting the primer

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Primer is an important first step after sanding. But, do you know that you can get multiple works done if you tint the primer with a bit of your paint color? With this, you will be able to prime while coating at once. Especially if you pick a color like white, which is pretty difficult to do evenly, you will save a lot of energy and time if you tint the primer first!

Picking the wrong paint

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Since painting the cabinet is a process of coloring, then the end result should be a color that you aim to achieve when you begin the process. Because of this, not only do you need to try a sample first with a small surface of the cabinet, but you also need to pick a high-quality paint to ensure the best result.

Good luck!

Angie Sturgeon

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