Tips And Tricks For Area Rugs To Fit Perfectly With Your Room’s Style

Adding a new area rug to a room can be a daunting task. You’d think it would be easy: just throw down a new rug and you’re done. Then you see all the styles and colors of area rugs out there. And the area rug is such a large, space-defining element in a room, you can’t pick just any rug. So, below are some simple tips that will help you pick out the right rug for your space, no matter which room style you currently have. You may be surprised to find out how easy it is to work with different rug styles.

Using an Accent Rug

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Another idea is to just go bold with area rugs. Thus, it will work in a very modern space with stark furniture and neutral coloring. Then you have this grey, textured rug. Hence, grey tends to fit in anywhere. So it’s not out of place. And it adds some grounded color. Thus, you could use this idea for a variety of styles. For instance, you might have a regal space dominated by rich wood textures and then put a bright red carpet in the middle of the room for a bold pop of color. This idea allows you to get creative with space.

Color Matching

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One key way to pick a rug is to match it to the colors you already have in the room. Thus, a multicolored rug is good for matching a wide variety of shades that might already be in the space. Therefore, you can also see how well this idea works for spaces that use a high dose of bright, artsy colors. If you have a space with a very specific color dynamic, or that is just colorful in general, you’ll want to focus on the color of the area rugs you find first and foremost.

Focusing on Geometric Patterns

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Another idea for area rugs is to go for pure geometry. Hence, any rug that focuses on a geometric pattern will add visual interest to a room. And going for a neutral-colored rug helps it fit in anywhere. Therefore, you can also see how a rug with a high visual impact like this fits into more modern industrial spaces. These spaces tend to get their style from texture and geometry since they’re usually on the minimalistic side. You can see that principle in the textured concrete wall above. As a result, a textured or patterned rug fits perfectly into more modern industrial styles as an accent piece.

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