Top 10 Ideas On How To Create Cozy Living Room

There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day and settling down into a comfy, cozy living room—particularly if you live in a cold climate. During the winter months many of us tend to hide indoors and wait for the weather to pass. Fortunately creating a cozy living room that’s warm and welcoming—like this one form Witt Construction—is pretty easy. It’s all about warm colors, soft fabrics and surrounding yourself with things that make you happy.

Cozy Fireplace

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Is there anything cozier than a roaring fireplace with a stone hearth? A fireplace like this could be in any house and be surrounded by just about any style or type of furniturewood-paneledand it would still feel cozy. Fortunately, in this room designed by Jordan Design Studio, it’s complemented by traditional furniture, warm colors and classic patterns which make the most of this cozy focal point.

Cozy Lighting

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Warm lighting is crucial to creating a cozy living room. Make sure you’ve got various sources (ambient, task and accent) and place them at different heights throughout the room. To ensure maximum coziness make sure to use bulbs that have a soft or warm glow, and avoid anything with a bluish tint. This room designed by Amy Youngblood Interiors shows what an impact warm lighting can make.

Cozy Windows

(Source: Classicremodeling)

Windows without window treatments feel naked, and there’s nothing cozy about that. While floor-to-ceiling drapes certainly make a space feel cozy, they’re not the only option. Pretty much any window treatment will add warmth, so if drapes aren’t your style don’t be discouraged. In this room from Classic Remodelling, rattan shades help frame the room and make the entire space feel warmer.

Living Room With Pops of Color

(Source: Darcigoodmandesign)

Cozy tends to be equated with comfort and contentedness, but sometimes cozy rooms are also exuberant and downright cheerful. This room from Darci Goodman Design with its bright red accents and playful patterns exudes a coziness that is both cheerful and welcoming.

Colorful Modern Living Room

(Source: Kbwinteriors)

Colorful rooms can be just as cozy as their neutral counterparts. To create a look like this one designed by Karen B. Wolf, look for saturated colors and accent them against a neutral backdrop. Make sure the fabrics are soft to the touch and be sure to layer in lots of fluffy pillows.

Rustic Coziness

(Source: Jamescoane)

Sophisticated rustic style has the benefit of being both chic and cozy. A room like this one designed by James V. Coane & Associates has a refined palette and style, yet thanks to all the reclaimed wood details, it maintains a sense of comfort and accessibility. Just about anyone could walk into this room and feel comfortable—whether their style is modern, traditional, or something in between.

Old Fashioned Cozy

(Source: Meadowbankdesigns)

There’s something about really old fashioned, traditional rooms that brings a smile to the face. While they may not be as popular as they once were, no one can argue with how comforting and cozy they are. The tufted furniture, fringed ​wood-paneled scalloped tables in this room from Meadowbank Designs are all reminiscent of a bygone era and contribute to the atmosphere of cozy comfort.

Cozy Home Library

(Source: Dkarc)

A cozy sitting room like this one from Dillon Kyle Architects is the perfect place to while away the hours. In this room, there’s a strong sense of luxury thanks to the floor-to-ceiling drapes and architecturally detailed focal wall. The way the reading chairs face each other adds a sense of intimacy.

Eclectic Living Room

(Source: Caseys)

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to creating a cozy living room. The main thing to remember is that it needs to be comfortable, but when it comes to colors, patterns and the types of furniture and accessories, feel free to have a little fun! This living room courtesy of Casey’s does just that.

Elegantly Cozy Living Room

(Source: Highgatehouse)

A room like this one designed by Highgate House that combines elegance with coziness creates the best of both worlds. Always remember to arrange the furniture around a central focal point (preferably a fireplace if possible), and create conversation areas. Make the space feel more intimate by pulling the furniture away from the walls if space allows, and make sure the furniture has some curved lines and isn’t too severe. Softness is key!

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