Top 10 Ideas To Carve Out A Bedroom From A Small Apartment

If your apartment is just one room. Hence, with no walls to separate the bedroom from the living room. Therefore, it probably resembles a dorm room more than a grown-up’s home. What can you do? Plenty.

Even if you are not working with excess square footage. Thus, there are many tricks for creating distinct areas in a small place for sleeping, working, or just hanging out.

Floor to Ceiling Curtains

(Source: Homepolish)

The interior design team at Homepolish installed sheer floor-to-ceiling curtains to partition a bedroom in this gorgeous ​studio apartment.

Put an Empty Nook to Work

(Source: Bjurfors)

A deep recess provides just enough space to position a twin bed in this studio apartment on Bjurfors. Placing the mattress on a platform with built-in storage drawers capitalizes the little nook.

Work Table Bisects Sleeping and Living Quarters

(Source: Bamdesignlab)

Patterned wallpaper and a glass top desk separate the bedroom from the living room. Hence, in this chic studio apartment by BAM Design Lab, while splashes of turquoise harmonize the distinct spaces.

Build a Cubby for Your Bed

(Source: Jpda)

A custom fabricated wood platform with built-in cabinetry by Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture incorporates. Thus, the bed in this New York City studio apartment. The efficient piece accommodates a queen size mattress, as well as plenty of storage and an integrated ladder.

Double Duty Bed

(Source: Lundin)

A sofa that works overtime as a bed adds more function to this itty-bitty studio apartment seen on Ludin Fastighetsbyra. Adding decorative elements such as pillows as throws makes the mattress feel more like a sofa.

Pegboard Walls

(Source: PositionCollective)

In this tiny abode designed by Position Collective, a tennis net divides the dwelling into two distinct rooms. Classic pegboards are employed as storage walls, offering a sleek solution for keeping clutter at bay.

Get Your Bed Off the Floor

(Source: Myscandinavianhome)

A bed perched above the sofa increases floor space for a living room. Hence, in this Swedish apartment featured on My Scandinavian Home.

Divide Space Without Blocking Sunlight

(Source: Homepolish)

The interior designers at Homepolish used a large bookshelf to sculpt out a bedroom in this studio apartment. The open design of the shelving unit divides the space without blocking sunlight.

Furniture Splits Up an Open Floor Plan

(Source: Laurelandwolf)

The interior designers at Laurel and Wolf. Therefore, used furniture to split up the open floor plan of this 600-square foot studio into three distinct sections.

A beautiful slatted wood screen separates the bedroom from the kitchen. Therefore, while a rug under the sofa creates a little visual separation between the living room and bedroom.

Using a Desk as a Room Divider

(Source: Ciao)

London-based architectural firm CIAO transformed this studio apartment with custom built-ins that smartly divide the open space. A raised platform and custom desk combo separates the bedroom from the central living area.

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