Top 3 Amazing Ways To Use Your Rugs

Once upon a time, your rug served a very utilitarian purpose: To keep your cold, hardwood floor warm. But my, how times have changed. Today, we’re seeing rugs everywhere—and we mean everywhere. They’re in our kitchens, hung up like pseudo-tapestries, and slung over chairs to create a cool, effortless vibe. Rugs always had the power to make a statement, but they’re now a bonafide design moment. So how are you supposed to decorate with ’em when there are no rules? Below, some tips for upping your rug game:

On Top Of Your Table

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Adding a runner to your kitchen floor may be a no-brainer. But did you know the trend can translate nicely to your dining room, too? And no, we don’t mean on your dining room floor.

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“For a touch of drama, drape a rug in a rich hue over your dining table like a tablecloth. Hence, as the base for a place setting that invites further exploration,” says Jodie Fried. Thus, co-founder of rug company Armadillo & Co.

Cookin’ Up Some Design

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Using rugs in the kitchen is one of the biggest design trends around—and for good reason. Thus, “I love using runners in kitchens. Hence, especially if the space has a large island. Therefore, to bring in color and pattern,” says Abbe Fenimore, founder of interior design firm Studio Ten 25.

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If you want to recreate this look in your own space. Hence, Fenimore recommends investing in an indoor/outdoor style made out of acrylic of polypropylene. Thus, “[It] will hold up well to spills and heavy foot traffic, but won’t fade or look dingy over time,” she shares.

Hang It On The Wall

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“Heirloom or antique rugs tend to work best for this, as their natural characteristics and slight wear and tear make them interesting enough to be converted into artwork,” says Caitie Smithe, designer at Walter E Smithe. “Another great rug for this is a hide. You will get a lot of rich character and natural texture.”

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But how do you hang it? According to Nina Magon, principal at Contour Interior Design, velcro is a great option for small or light rugs, because it won’t harm the fibers. If you’re working with something larger or heavier, Magon recommends using a curtain rod. “It’s a great way to support the weight without damaging the rug itself,” she explains.

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