Top 3 Frequent Gallery Mistakes That We See All The Time

Collecting artwork for your home is a personal reflection. Thus, displaying your interests, memories, and inspirations. To create an artful arrangement. Therefore, you want to make sure that your gallery wall is as distinct and dynamic looking as your art selection. Hence, gallery walls call for much preparation. To master the art of creating the perfect grouping, avoid making these common mistakes.

They All In The Same Size And Shape

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Symmetry is important when composing a balanced gallery wall, but that doesn’t mean you need to use frames that are all the same size and shapes. A grid of identical shapes can look stiff and dull.

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You can still create a sense of symmetry by grouping two or three frames of the same dimension with a range of shapes and sizes. For instance, pair of two 8-by-10s with a large poster. To further play with proportion, consider adding mats to a few select images.

Matching Frames

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Frames shouldn’t be an afterthought. To give your lineup of images a collected look, you want to intermingle different finishes, shapes, and thicknesses. If the mounting for your artwork is the same size, shape and finish, your gallery wall will appear fussy and formal—and quite honestly, boring. So instead, incorporate a mix of metals, wood, and colors.

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Just be sure to keep frames modest and simple. You don’t want to divert attention from your art with overly ornate trim. One dramatic border can easily steal the show and act as an eyesore rather than a part of the greater collection.

Display Just One Medium Or Style

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Think about why you visit art galleries and museums: It’s to expose yourself to a range of mediums, artists, and ideas. Take this approach with your at-home gallery. Juxtapose a black-and-white photograph with a colorful typographical print, or arrange a cluster of vintage silhouette cameos next to a quirky oil painting.

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