Top 3 Interior Skyscapes That Can Turn Your Room Into A Celestial One

One of the prettiest and most artistic developments in home design has to be statement ceilings. These ceilings usually feature bold colors, geometric designs or other amazing visuals. And a classic way to make a bold statement with your ceiling is to have some sort of skyscape on it. Whether it’s puffy clouds or starry vistas. Hence, interior skyscapes are a wonderful way to get an artsy home. Plus, they create the illusion of opening up any space. But it doesn’t stop with ceilings. Also, skyscapes also work as wall art. Take a look below to find some inspiration for interior skyscapes.

Daytime Sky Ceilings

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One of the popular interior skyscapes is to paint a daytime sky right on the ceiling. That will make it look like your space opens right to the heavens. It’s even a neat little hack to visually open up smaller spaces.

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The bright azure of the blue sky adds some uplifting color to space. Along with the pristine white of the clouds. Blue and white tend to be a popular color choice for rooms. Therefore, you can also work those colors into the rest of the space easily. Take a look below for some inspiration on how to make an amazing interior skyscape using scenes of daytime skies.

Starry Night Ceilings

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One of the most common ways to work with interior skyscapes is to create the illusion that your ceiling is opening right into a starry night. The illusion is often created by small pinpricks of LED lights in the ceiling mimicking stars. Other styles opt for a cleverly painted design.

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Starry night skies work in any space, too. Many designs can be found in home theater spaces to give a feel of watching a movie at an old-school, outdoor drive-in theater. One unique design places a starry night over an indoor swimming pool to make it look like you’re taking a moonlit swim. Below, you can even see how the concept works in a bathroom.

Wall Art Interior Skyscapes

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Of course, you might be in a position where you can’t paint your ceiling, usually because of time, budget, logistical or renting constraints. Painting a ceiling is delicate and often messy work.

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However, you can still work with interior skyscapes. By using wall art, you might create a more open feel in the space with minimal effort. All you have to do is mount a canvas to the wall. Other designs paint the walls themselves for an encompassing way to get the style.

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