Top 4 Clever Ways To Use A Small-Space Mirror

Do you getting tired of a small space that you desperately want to look bigger?  Hence, is an easy way to make your room bigger with an ages-old cheat: adding a small-space mirror.

Adding a mirror can literally double the space visually. But rather than installing mirrors willy-nilly, there are several ways to use mirrors that look stylish yet functional. From placing the mirror in unconventional places like on the ceiling to using segmented full-wall mirrors, these mirror ideas are great ways to add style while making a room look bigger.

Mirrors On The Ceiling


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A disadvantage of smaller spaces is you have a very limited space to work with. What you do have may be taken up by your most prized art or cherished photos. So if you find yourself in that position, try adding a mirror to the ceiling. The photo above shows how it can actually open up space from the top.

A recessed mirror looks like it belongs in the design. In cases where a recessed mirror isn’t possible, try for a flat mirror with no frame that blends into the surrounding ceiling.

Full-Wall Mirror

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A full-wall mirror is incredibly effective at visual expansion, as they give the illusion that you’re missing a wall and looking into a whole other room.

However, you can still get creative with the full-wall small-space mirror concept. One popular choice is adding a grid pattern, which gives the mirror some sleek geometry. Adding a distressed touch to the mirror is also a great way to personalize it.

Full Framed Large Mirror

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You can go all out a classic by installing a large, framed mirror on the wall. By adding a frame to a large mirror, you can incorporate the style of the room into the mirror itself.

For instance, a rustic space may use a distressed wood mirror frame. An industrial space may use a metal frame. A modern space can use a thin, minimalistic frame. And an artsy space can use a boldly colored mirror frame. A simple frame allows for easy customization on a small-space mirror.

Wraparound Mirror

(Source: Decorpad)

You can create a geometric interest by adding two mirrors on adjacent walls. With multiple degrees of reflection. More surrounding mirrors only add to the effect.

Wraparound mirrors work in any home style. Wraparound mirrors pair well with a highly textured wall. The textured wall adds visual interest and contrast against the sleek style of the mirror.

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