Top 4 Decorating Mistakes When You’re Decorated Your First Homes

Few things are more exhilarating than moving into your first real home. But as fun as decorating it can be, it’s also easy to make a lot of rookie mistakes. So to help make the process of decorating your first home go a little smoother. Hence, we called on a few of our favorite designers to share the mistakes they seem to always make. From awkward furniture arrangements to picking the wrong paint color. Hence, these are the decorating mistakes we all make in our first homes.

Rushing The Process

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“Where do I begin? I rushed the entire process of decorating my first home in an effort to get things looking pulled together quickly. I wound up buying way too much IKEA furniture. Thus, when I should have just been patient and saved up for a few nicer pieces to mix in!” —Shea McGee, Co-Founder, Studio McGee.

Not Envisioning The Entire Home

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It’s important to think about what you want the end result to be and how each space will flow together. It’s okay if you need to slowly decorate over time due to budget, but just always keep the whole picture in mind.” —Paloma Contreras, Interior Designer and Blogger, La Dolce Vita.

Pushing Everything Against The Wall

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“The biggest mistake I’ve seen clients make in their first home is placing all of the furniture against the walls. For a much more interesting home, try having a desk jut outward from the wall with two tête-à-tête chairs, or two sofas flanking each other. You can do research on sites like Pinterest to find a furniture arrangement that would fit your space and then start thinking out of the box!” —Alyssa Kapito, Founder, Alyssa Kapito Interiors.

Not Testing Paint Colors

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“I was convinced a paint color I bought was the perfect match for the space and rather than doing a tester, my husband and I confidently proceeded to paint the entire hallway (which incidentally was fairly complicated with many crooks and crannies and took a lot of hours!). The moment it dried I realized the hue was completely wrong and needed to be changed (cue: very unhappy husband!). These days, I always try out testers on all the different wall angles and let it sit over a space of a week before committing to a color.” —Niki Brantmark, Author, Lagom: Not Too Little, Not Too Much, Just Right: the Swedish Guide to Creating Balance in Your Life

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