Top 4 Design Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Bedroom

There’s some wacky but true stat that says we spend about one-third of our lives in bed. The bulk of that time is spent sleeping, but there may be a little bit of active awake time in there, streaming Netflix or otherwise hanging out. And no matter the activity, your surroundings are important. With that in mind, make 2019 the year that you actually get your act together—at least in terms of bedroom design. Stop making these bedroom design mistakes, and you’ll be that much happier about your sleep space.

Your Rug is Way Too Small, Or Worse, You Have No Rug

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If you have wall-to-wall carpeting in your bedroom, this doesn’t apply to you. But if you have wood or some other type of flooring, an area rug will go a long way in warming up your space. Just make sure the rug you pick isn’t too tiny or awkwardly positioned in your room. Sheepskins are super cozy, but they’re best next to a bed, not under it. As for area rugs, shop for something wide enough to extend out from the sides of the bed. You want the rug to be visible and help prevent cold feet in the morning.

Your Wall Color is Jarring

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Take it from me—a person that once, regrettably, painted her bedroom red and later watched a roommate make a similar mistake, opting for teal walls that turned out as green as the Joker from “Batman”. Not a good look. The bedroom should be a low stimuli sanctuary, not vibrating and energetic. For a more soothing environment, stick to lighter, softer shades. And if you really want something moody and saturated, try a deep charcoal or navy.

Your Layout Blocks Natural Light Sources

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Any time you put something in front of a window, your natural lighting takes a hit. If you have other natural light sources, you may be able to get away with it. But if you must, adding more sources of lighting—overhead, tabletop, and floor lamps—can help keep your space bright. You can also choose a no headboard setup or a low-profile bed frame to minimize the loss of light.

The Bed’s Too Big for Your Space

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No matter how tempting a big bed is, don’t size up if you’re dealing with tight quarters. A bed that’s too big will leave you with a lack of walking room and storage space. Plus, a huge headboard/bed frame can make your bedroom seem cramped even when it’s not. Take this bedroom for example: The homeowner definitely got the hide rug placement right, but the room would feel more balanced without the four-poster bed.

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