Top 4 Easy And Cheap Kitchen Decorating Ideas

There are some quick and easy decorating tips on how to give your kitchen an update worthy of a home magazine. the best part is that these kitchen decorating ideas can mix and match beautifully. The most noticeable changes you can make in a kitchen involve the walls. But, most kitchen decorating efforts are placed on the appliances, countertops and cooking gadgets while the walls are sadly left ignored.

What’s looking back at you, a dingy, boring wall? or worse, an outdated faux paint job complete with ivy or fruit-themed stencil work? It’s time to make a change.

Updating your kitchen wall decor with easy but design-savvy changes will make a big visual impact. Here are 5 kitchen decorating ideas that take your kitchen’s walls from tired to inspired.

Focal Point On Your Wall

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When you change your perspective to your visitor. You may notice the first time they walk into your kitchen and think about what you notice. Is the first thing you see something you like? if not, what would you rather notice first? make that spot and the closest wall your focal point.

Open Shelf On The Wall

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You can add layers into your kitchen with an open shelf, upper-cabinet-free kitchens. The look lightens a kitchen up by creating visual space but requires you to hide all the Tupperware and mismatched glasses in fewer cabinets.

Instead of tearing out your upper cabinets, try updating your kitchen wall decor by placing one or two floating shelves on an open wall. Floating shelves come in many styles and are easy to install. Keep the floating shelf display items minimal and color coordinated for a magazine ready look.

The Secret of Colorful Wall

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The Secret for great and colorful kitchens is in the three color palette:

Color 1: An existing kitchen color that can’t be changed. This may be the color of the countertop or cabinets.

Color 2: A neutral of your choice. Use it for the new wall color that complements color 1. it’ll serve as the kitchen backdrop.

Color 3: The Color that makes your kitchen unique. it’s often bold and unexpected color that works with your palette. Color 3 adds pop to your kitchen. Use it as a statement piece for your accessories like bar stools, vases or cookware.

Your Wall As A Gallery

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Set your kitchen apart using your personality. Gallery wall collections are popular with designers and magazines because they’re unique and make a boring wall interesting. Gather favorite objects together and use them as kitchen wall decor.

Some kitchen decorating ideas for a gallery wall collection include:
-Framed album covers
-Framed wallpaper or fabric swatches
-Vintage dishes
-Antique, empty frames of different shapes and sizes
-A variety of mirrors

There are no absolute rules for creating a gallery wall. Symmetrical, patterned or freestyle placement are all good approaches. To save time, arrange your collection on the floor before hanging for the best spacing and placement.

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